Lots for Sale in Delaware?

Delaware Lots for SaleBuilding a new home in Delaware requires more than finding an open lot and available contractor.  To build a home successfully and affordably, the preferred lot has to meet the exact specifications of the home the home builder prefers.  In other words, a seamless connection must be made between home and lot.

This is exactly what the new, appropriately named Home+Lot Connect service in Delaware provides.

Focused on the mission of taking the guesswork, hassle, delays, high costs, uncertainty, confusion and middleman out of building a new home, Home+Lot Connect recently partnered with Insight Homes, a renowned home construction company, to offer homes that are pre-qualified to fit on available lots throughout the country. Basically, Home+Lot Connect finds the lots and gives you a list of compatible homes built by Insight.

But this isn’t all Home+Lot Connect does.  The service also offers the best possible financing options and removes the need for home builders to complete tedious financing searches.

Home+Lot Connect is making the traditional home building process appear antiquated.  Before Home+Lot was created, the home building process looked something like this:

  • Finding a lot in Delaware.  This includes establishing the building envelope, establishing height restrictions, establishing flood zones, contacting utility providers, and finding out if land needs cleared.
  • Finding a home in Delaware.  This includes determining cost, size, features, HOA requirements, energy efficiency, etc.
  • Finding financing options in Delaware.  This includes establishing impact fees, improvement taxes, property transfer fees and more.

Stay tuned to learn more about Home+Lot Connect!


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