The Undisputable Perks of Building a Home

Image of: two men constructing a home under sunshine and a clear sky.Aspiring and current homeowners looking to move into a new house are always faced with the same question: Do we buy a home for sale or build a new one?

With ties in Delaware, we’ve seen firsthand the plenty of Delaware lots for sale and the perks homebuyers get when they decide to build instead of buy.

Here, we’re going to explain to you the perks mentioned by homeowners themselves and perks you can undeniably expect when you choose to build a home.

You Have Full Control of Location

Unlike people who buy homes for sale, homebuilders can choose the location of everything.

From the location of the foundation to the location of the kitchen window, people who build a home can place things wherever they want as long as it’s within building code.

For instance, say you choose a lot that has woods near its back end.  Instead of putting your home in a traditional spot – say, 10-20 yards away from the street – you can have your home built closer to the woods.  You believe your new home will look better surrounded by the pine branches near the wood’s edge, so that’s where you put it.  And all it takes to happen is one discussion with your construction team.

Design is Chosen by You – Not by Strangers

Your home is one of your largest investments.  Period.

So, if you could choose, why would you choose someone else’s design over your own?  Someone could have a taste you prefer, yes.  But what’s stopping you from improving upon this existing design and making it even better?

When you choose to build a home, absolutely nothing is stopping you.  The possibilities are infinite.

Upkeep is Effortless

Leaky roofs, worn paint, thin windows and other energy inefficiencies.

These are all things you have to fix when you buy a home for sale.

However, when you build a home, you’re able to build it with the most energy efficient and technologically advanced materials and systems.  Ultimately, this reduces the amount of time and money you spend repairing your home and gives you more chances to enjoy yourself and your family within it.

You Love Your Home on a Deeper Level

It’s one of the biggest projects you’ll see through in your lifetime from start to finish.

Unlike people who buy their home and only see what’s on the outside, you see what’s on the inside.  You know where electrical wires run, how the foundation settled, what your home’s insulation system looks like, and so much more.

Not only does this experience provide you with necessary information for future repairs and upgrades.  It also lets you appreciate your home in a new way.  You realize that your home is much more than what you see day in and day out.  Like you, it has “inside parts” that make it unique and afford you convenience and comfort.

With this awareness, you become more than a resident in your new home.  You become your home’s owner.


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