Top Reasons to Love Summer in Delaware

Delaware Beach in summer.

If you’ve visited Delaware in summertime, then you know there are lots of reasons to love it. And for a lot of people, that means it’s a great destination to move to, as well as just vacation in! What would you spend your summers doing if you lived here? Here are some of the biggest draws:

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth is likely Delaware’s greatest attraction. There really is nothing like strolling the sands of this beach at sunset while the gentle waters of the summer Atlantic roll in. Rehoboth has a famous boardwalk where families take pictures, couples kiss, and people of all ages run, walk, bike or skate for exercise in the balmy ocean air. The area is also surrounded by great night life, eateries, and culture spots, making it the perfect destination for a trip—but even more amazing as a local hotspot if you happen to live in Delaware.

The amazing food

Speaking of eateries, Delaware has some great ones. With world class dining options in every city and town, Delaware also has some home-grown favorites. For example, near Dover you’ll find the humble-looking Helen’s Sausage House, home of one of the best breakfast sandwiches in the world. It’s been voted the #1 Place to Eat by Gourmet magazine.

Cruising through the countryside

Delaware isn’t just beautiful along its many beaches – it’s gorgeous from one end of the state to another. Many Delaware families enjoy a drive through the countryside on a weekend to experience the rolling green countryside and old farms with their stone walls. It might be a nice time to head one of Delaware’s many state parks, hiking paths, or bike trails as well.

Small colonial towns

If the countryside isn’t your thing, then one of Delaware’s many quaint little towns might me. Delaware has a 400 year history and most of the small towns have Colonial era buildings, walkable historic downtown districts, shopping and a beautiful, friendly atmosphere.

Historic homes in Delaware.

The Clifford Brown Jazz Festival

Summer in Delaware wouldn’t be the same without the Jazz Festival! Held in Wilmington every year, this is event is totally free to attend—and is the biggest free jazz fest on the eastern seaboard!

These are just a few reasons to love Delaware in summer. Do you vacation in Delaware in the summer, but considering living there year round? If you’re thinking about building a home in Delaware, contact the experts at Home Lot Connect today. We’ll be glad to help you start the process!


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